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"The Street Photos" Series
Total of 10 photographs in the series

These Images were captured on location in the streets of New York, September 2003 in one of the most artistic areas of New York City, Soho on Mercer Street. The photos were a result of art flyers and spray paint plastered on a trash bin. These images record scenes that have since been covered over and no longer exist in the same form but now are some kind of new expression of the streets character to be explored by new visitors to the city. The artist realizes that everything that he sees in his blink of an eye has to be photographed to prove that the way he sees things in the world around him does exist in his abstract form and does remember life as he has experienced it.

Photos available in 24" x 20" or 46" x 31", gloss or low luster, mounted.

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"Cool Solace"
"China Glisten"
"Here With My Best Friend"

"Amber Refuse"
"Fish Bones"
"Sincere Colour"
"Key to the Alley"

"Duke's Alley"

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