Commercial Photography
Commercial Photography Product shots, Food shots, Architecture, Interiors, Models, Life Styles, Events, Photography available "in studio" or "on location"
Salvaged Steel Mercury Rising Tinsel Town Street Photos Cobalt Blue Aqua 911 Memorial 2006 In Flight Life Forms Beaches Manhattan Eyes A Piece of Sky
Fine Art Photography Series Abstract photo images that capture a segment, a glimpse, a shimmering fragment of a moment in time, whispering on waves of light through his camera lens to a different place in your mind.
Original Paintings
Paintings In the world of "The Modern", Mark G. Picascio creates a graphic language using colorful geometric free form angles entangled together in a unique balancing act of cantilevering shapes displaying luminous hues of earth, sky and water becoming harmonious and fluid in paint.
“Salvaged Steel” Series
"Salvaged Steel" Series These are images that emerge in a powerful way of a transformation from sadness to discoveries in a new light to reveal the strength beneath the tragedy of 9/11.
“Beaches” Series
New Fine Art Photograhy Series From the “Beaches” of California and Miami, to New York and back into the air, then to organic life, view the artist visions through his camera lens into the abstract form.
Mark G. Picascio, Artist and Photographer
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Mark G. Picascio, Artist and Photographer

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